I’m a Svartslkalle. Based on a comment made by an SFI teacher from SBKF who called me that.— JANTELAGEN?

A couple of weeks ago, I came across a video where an SFI teacher harrases Muslim students in a non-friendly way.

That experience is not the only one I have seen or known about like that. Actually, I personally experienced treatment like that. And till today, not “Skolaverket” or Principal do anything about it. Why? What can we do? What is my opinion of how the school system can improve?

I have little background, in my personal experience

I have personally been called; “Svartskalle” by an SFI teacher from Sölvesborg-Bromölla Kommunalförbund (SBKF).

Who also, every day after work made comments about “how stupid these immigrants are” (referring to her students) or comment like “why they have come to Sweden if they don’t want to study” and “they just want the money from the government. Because make no efforts”

And I wonder, isn’t supposed be a teacher/public employee being trained for treating people/students in a better way?

Does the Swedish State have any concern or take action about it? It seems NOT. Do the school and principals (“managers of the schools” sanctions them? NEITHER.

Then, why do the school principals and Kommun who has SFI teachers don’t put effort into improvements, and bringing better training, to deploy a better education and warmer welcome to The Kingdom of Sweden?

The same SFI teacher (Sölvesborg-Bromölla Kommunalförbund (SBKF) -whom one that make those comments above-. And blames every day her workplace lack of management and poor administration. But that is not a justification for behaving in such a way.

Schools and students can’t tolerate deploying an angry, racist, xenofobist attitude. People can’t blame their environment for that temper´. It is ok to blame the system? or does a teacher like that required special help?

Those kinds of people -teachers with bad temper- (like my personal experience with that SBKF teacher) I don’t think can continue being part of the education system of the country… at least not without professional help. My opinion is that the state or the school can provide them with mental support, temper training, in order to build a better place to share with everyone. And not carry students like that way anymore.

As I saw these attitudes almost every day, for me was a routine. And it took me a while to realise how wrong she was doing, it was very wrong.

I got more aware of her behaviour the day she told me: “You have no right in this country because you are an F#%&ing Immigrant”. What my response was; “You need to study a little bit the legal rights of your own country. You can’t say things like that, especially if you work as an SFI teacher”

I communicate the same situation to her school principal. And, after a year she is still having contact with students being an SFI teacher. And It seems that this behaviour isn't a relevant point for the school management, skolaverket or the state. So, what can students receiving bad treatment and people who have been treated in such a way, can do?

Working as an SFI (Swedish For Immigrants). I believe that those teachers may require some intense courses in integrity, criteria, understanding of anti-discrimination law, as a first step to put a step inside an institution like that. They need to be trained with values books, equality education and courses for anti-discrimination law, and being evaluated to them, every month.

As I received constantly verbal abuse and discriminated words from the same person (The SFI School Teacher), and among all the bad words from her to me such as; “Blatte” “Scartskalle” “Diebla Chilensk” and many others. And by seeing her temper I can compare her with the teacher from the video mentioned above. There is something it can’t happen in the schools, or anywhere.

Then, I think; “Where is the Jantelagen”? She is a Swedish origin, a person that grew up in listerlandet (a place where many people recognized been victim of racism)

Furthermore, I start to realise that this is a problem carried from her home where she grew up. Becasue at the home she grew up, I have listened to the way her family talk towards immigrants. Reffering to them in a very derogatory position, expressing their hater for people from arab cultures, Latinos and others. An example; Her dad a 75+ y/o man, seating in front of the TV, after seeing a colour man on TV start making the following comments; “se! en neger på tv” which means; “Look! a negro on TV”. Or comments such as; “This immigrant came to take advantage of the country we have built”

Based on being surrounded by comments like that, I see that the environment and roots of that problem may come from many years. And then, the problem is deeper. We are in 2022! how can people behave like that? it is her fault? or the environment she grew up in and share on daily basis?. In anyhow, does that make a mistake from the school principal on hiring a person like that? Or something the state needs to work on more? or a secretly hate culture in the countryside or places like Listerlandet?

Someone like that can’t be close to children or students if it behaves like that. Especially when I also saw her spanking her own son. Making me realised is accumulative anger for years. Then WHAT THEY DO WORKING AS A TEACHER? the temper problem is a huge problem working in any educational area. Why the principal or authorities ignore all of these?

That behaviour that treatment to children, I found repulsive! and again, how this kind of discriminative point of view has not to be considered before starting a job as an SFI Teacher. Especially if there is a mental illness involved.

I believe The Skolverket together with the State needs to review the oversattning-diskrimineringslagen and make teachers before getting in contact with foreign students the obligation of passing a test of human rights, values, and integrity. To avoid future mistreatment, and improve Swedish education for immigrants.

In my personal opinion; People need to report this. If a student, or -as I did- report such behaviour. The principal, the municipality, or the authority must take the teacher into suspension and a being treat on legal grounds. Experience a trial in court, processing all justice on those grounds. And banned from the education system, paying compensation for the victims.

After I saw the video online I get conscious to spread my personal experience, because I saw and listen to how others have been treated.

I had many discriminative experiences towards me in Sweden, and I found it a very relevant well cover problem. And Now in a group fight for its rights of it.

I hope, no more cases like mine, or the video continue happening. They just can’t continue. If anyone experiences or watches cases like these, we should spread all of them.

Best regards.




just a bunch of dyslexic words you’ll find here. Personal experiences and business management articles

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Nicolás Jurado Allende

Nicolás Jurado Allende

just a bunch of dyslexic words you’ll find here. Personal experiences and business management articles

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